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Creative Pollution Solutions For Southeast Chicago

Project Information

Award Amount:$60,000.00
Dollars Leveraged:$5,571.00
Start-End Dates:10/1/94-9/30/97
Description:Summary: The goal of this project was to build knowledge, consensus and action regarding pollution prevention in Southeast Chicago by marketing pollution prevention resources to community residents and area businesses, on a person-to-person basis. Activities included the development of a pollution prevention newsletter, the development of a pollution prevention electronic repository marketed to local users, and conducting a series of meetings with local business and community leaders to introduce the concept of pollution prevention.

Environmental Results/Products: The Chicago Legal Clinic (Clinic) distributed pollution prevention information in a number of ways. The Clinic developed a partnership with Chicago law firm Gardner, Carton & Douglas and co-produced five issues of a pollution prevention newsletter distributed to over 500 readers, predominantly businesses, in Southeast Chicago.

The Clinic developed, in partnership with the Information Center at Chicago-Kent College of Law, a pollution prevention library consisting of over 500 pieces, including an annotated bibliography. These resources are available in Southeast Chicago. General pollution prevention information will be available on the Internet. The pollution prevention information gathered during this project will continue to be actively marketed to appropriate industries and businesses.

Clinic staff conducted a series of educational events to introduce basic pollution prevention concepts, including a February 1995 luncheon for key community leaders from business and community organizations. In April 1995, the Clinic co-sponsored a regional Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) workshop. The information presented included use of TRI data as a means to enable community industry dialogue, with specific attention paid to good neighbor agreements, citizen electronic access to and use of TRI data, and community assistance panels. Recently, the Clinic conducted individual meetings with more than 15 community and business leaders about pollution prevention and locally available pollution prevention resources.


There are no reports associated with this project.

Funding Organizations

Below is a list of organizations with individual contacts that are funding this project.

U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office - Primary Contact

77 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60604
There are no individuals in this organization
associated with this project.

Organizations Receiving Funding

Below is a list of organizations with individual contacts that are receiving funding for this project.

Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc. - Primary Contact

2938 E. 91st Street
Chicago, Illinois 60617
p: 773-731-1762
f: 773-731-4264
Individual Contacts
  • Keith Harley

Associated Organizations

Below is a list of associated organizations that are NOT giving or receiving funding for this project.

Chicago-Kent College of Law - Partner

565 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois 60661-3691
p: 312-906-5000
f: 312-906-5280

Gardner, Carton & Douglas LLP - Partner

191 North Wacker Drive
Suite 3700
Chicago, Illinois 60606-1698
p: 312-569-1000
f: 312-569-3000

U.S. EPA Region 5 - Partner

77 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60604
p: 312-353-2000


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