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Green Engineering of Dispersed Nanoparticles: Measuring and Modeling Nanoparticle Forces

Project Information

Award Amount:$370,000.00
Dollars Leveraged:$0.00
Start-End Dates:2/1/02-1/31/05
Description:Nanotechnology will be critical to advances in electronics, materials, medicine, and the environment. This is in large part due to their remarkable electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties. However, a significant limitation of nanotechnology is the ability to produce bulk quantities of dispersed particles. One possibility for dispersing nanoparticles (which have a high area/mass ratio) is to use adsorbed polymer, oligomer, or surfactant molecules; however, disposal of the enormous quantity of additives would involve huge environmental and financial stresses. The expected engineering breakthrough of the proposed research is to identify whether solvation or depletion forces can be manipulated to produce dispersed suspensions of "bare" nanoparticles (i.e., without adsorbed additives). The central scientific questions to be answered are these: What are the magnitudes of the van der Waals, solvation, and depletion forces for nanoparticle systems, and what variables can we control to alter these forces? The research will involve two primary components: 1) development and use of "particle force light scattering" (PFLS), an experimental method for measuring sub-piconewton nanoparticle forces, 2) use of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to predict the individual forces. Synergy is essential to this research: PFLS is the first technique capable of measuring the nanoparticle forces, and MD enables the interpretation of exactly how the forces are acting. Measured forces will be compared with bulk stability and rheology measurements.


Funding Organizations

Below is a list of organizations with individual contacts that are funding this project.

U.S. EPA Headquarters - Primary Contact

U.S. EPA Headquarters 8722R
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Washington, District of Columbia 20460
p: 202-343-9858
Individual Contacts

Organizations Receiving Funding

Below is a list of organizations with individual contacts that are receiving funding for this project.

Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus - Primary Contact

201 Old Main
University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
Individual Contacts


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