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Friday, June 26, 2015
ISRI: Residents oppose one-bin collections
The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries says a new poll supports its position opposing one-bin collections for delivery to mixed-waste processing facilities. The ISRI and Earth911 poll asked online readers the following: Is it worth the convenience to not separate your recyclables from your trash if when sorted after collection, it negatively affects the amount of materials that can be recycled? The result: 75 percent supported maintaining a separate bin for recycling. Source: Resource Recycling, 6/23/15

Google to transform carcass of Alabama coal power plant into clean-powered datacenter
Google plans to build a new datacenter in Alabama, which will by their 14th site globally. But they're not going to just build it in any regular spot; they will be taking over the Widows Creek Plant, a shut down coal power plant located on Guntersville Reservoir on the Tennessee River, in northeast Alabama, and convert the location to host this vital part of the internet infrastructure. What makes this extra-interesting is that the former-coal-plant-turned-datacenter will be powered by renewable energy. Source: TreeHugger, 6/25/15

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Survival Of The Greenest Beer? Breweries Adapt To A Changing Climate
When you hear the words "green brewery," you might picture gleaming solar panels or aerodynamic wind turbines. But the most valuable piece of technology at the $24 million dollar LEED-Gold-certified headquarters of Smuttynose Brewing Co. on the seacoast of New Hampshire isn't quite as sexy. Source: NPR, 6/24/15

When convenience is the enemy of energy conservation
Automatic bill pay lets customers tune out, ignoring the money and energy they waste. How can we make life smoother and yet sustainable? Source: GreenBiz, 6/24/15

How She Leads: Mary Anne Cannon, Pratt & Whitney
This engineer and former operations manager is leading her company's pursuit of aggressive sustainability goals while it is ramping up sales. Source: GreenBiz, 6/24/15

Apple's Lisa Jackson to lead all of Apple's social policy initiatives
Lisa Jackson, former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and Apple's top executive on environmental issues, will become the company's lead on all policy initiatives, including the environment, education and accessibility. Her new title will be the vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. In a memo to employees, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said that Jackson's new role is in line with the company's dedication to "leaving the world better than we found it." As part of her promotion, Jackson will also take over leadership of the company's global government affairs and public policy teams. Source: The Washington Post, 6/23/15

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
FL: In 'climate change' controversy, a tale of two agencies
This article contrasts the priorities of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Florida Department of Natural Resources with respect to addressing climate change. Source: Miami Herald, 6/21/15

Business planning in an ever more complex world
Businesses should engage in the complex social and political issues lapping at their doors such as inequity and climate negotiations. Here's how. Source: GreenBiz, 6/22/15

Materials from 49ers' Candlestick Park score a second life
How recycling an old professional sports stadium can translate to new economic and environmental benefits. Source: GreenBiz, 6/23/15

Amid Drought and Flooding, States and Localities Look to Harness the Rain
As drought grips California, floods overpower Texas and Eastern cities grapple with crumbling sewers that pump contaminated runoff into waterways, state and local governments are revisiting how they get, use and manage water. Source: Stateline, 6/23/15

Monday, June 22, 2015
American recycling is stalling, and the big blue bin is one reason why
Once a profitable business for cities and private employers alike, recycling in recent years has become a money-sucking enterprise. The District, Baltimore and many counties in between are contributing millions annually to prop up one of the nation's busiest facilities here in Elkridge, Md. -- but it is still losing money. In fact, almost every facility like it in the country is running in the red. And Waste Management and other recyclers say that more than 2,000 municipalities are paying to dispose of their recyclables instead of the other way around. Source: Washington Post, 6/20/15

Surplus food for the homeless is just an app away
Through a website and mobile app, Feeding Forward matches businesses that have surplus food with nearby homeless shelters. Here's how it works: when companies or event planners have surplus food, they tap the Feeding Forward app and provide details of their donation. A driver is dispatched to quickly pick up the leftovers and deliver them to food banks. Source: CNET, 6/21/15

Friday, June 19, 2015
Why engaging employees on sustainability really isn't about money
How do you motivate employees? More specifically, how do you engage employees in sustainability initiatives -- which are often not tied directly to paychecks or profit margins, but rather seek to combat more daunting societal challenges, such as climate change, fossil fuel dependency and water shortages? Source: GreenBiz, 6/19/15

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