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Environmental News from the Great Lakes Region

Friday, May 4, 2018
This British company is turning food waste into beer
Toast Ale brews its commercial ales with surplus bread at a brewery in Yorkshire. It also pairs up local breweries and bakeries to help them tackle food waste in their own communities. Source: Public Radio International, 5/3/18

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
SC Johnson reveals criteria for selecting 'Greenlist' ingredients
Consumer products giant SC Johnson has revealed the criteria behind its Greenlist ingredient selection programme. Its sustainability report, The Science Within, gives a detailed breakdown of how the company evaluates the ingredients in its products to "better protect human health and the environment". Source: Chemical Risk Manager, 4/26/18

Where Water is Scarce, Communities Turn to Reusing Wastewater
With the era of dam building coming to an end in much of the developed world, places such as California and Australia are turning to local and less expensive methods to deal with water scarcity, including recycling wastewater, capturing stormwater, and recharging aquifers. Source: e360, 5/1/18

Hollywood Generates Tons of Garbage. This Startup Wants to Clean Up the $40 Billion Industry
The 29-year-old founder of Earth Angel wants to make the film industry more sustainable, one set at a time. Source: Inc., 5/2/18

Fast Fashion Goes Green With Mushrooms, Lumber Scraps, and Algae
Inditex and H&M are developing textiles to reduce the environmental cost of throwaway clothes. Source: Bloomberg, 5/1/18

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Headlights vs. Highlights: Season Four of Better Buildings SWAP Showcases General Motors and L'Oreal USA
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today unveiled the fourth installment of the "Better Buildings Challenge SWAP," featuring General Motors and L'Oreal USA. In this online video series, the companies swap energy management teams to gain new insights, save money and improve the energy performance of their industrial facilities. Source: U.S. DOE, 4/24/18

Prairie View A&M University Team Grand Winner at Race to Zero Student Design Competition
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced winners of its fifth annual Race to Zero Student Design Competition, a competition that challenges collegiate teams to apply sound building science principles to create cost-effective, market-ready designs for zero energy ready homes and schools. Source: U.S. DOE, 4/23/18

Consumers don't notice on-pack sustainability claims, study says
Shoppers say sustainability initiatives influence what brands they buy, but most don't notice these claims on product packaging, according to a new study from QuadPackaging and Package Insight. For the study, researchers had people "shop" at Clemson University's retail lab using a mobile eye-tracking system that showed what on-pack information drew shopper attention. Source: Food Dive, 5/1/18

Don't just drain excess water off your field -- reuse it
Retaining precipitation could make or break a crop. There are times when the plant needs another inch of rain, which adds stress to the plant. That's where drainage water management comes into the picture. Source: Successful Farming, 4/23/18

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
These Food Waste Innovations Show The Big Impact Of Small Changes
The winners of a series of microgrants offered by the New York Department of Sanitation are helping to facilitate a more circular economy for the city's food businesses. Source: Fast Company, 4/23/18

Call for Applications for EPA Safer Choice Program 2018 Partner of the Year Awards
EPA's Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention is seeking applications for the 2018 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Awards. These awards recognize the leadership contributions of Safer Choice partners and stakeholders who have shown outstanding achievement in the design, manufacture, promotion, and use of Safer Choice-certified products over the past year.

Applications for the 2018 awards are due to the Agency by June 27, 2018.

Awards will be presented in these categories:

  • Formulators/Product Manufacturers of both Consumer and Institutional/Industrial products;
  • Purchasers and Distributors;
  • Retailers;
  • Supporters (e.g., non-governmental organizations); and
  • Innovators (e.g., chemical manufacturers).
Award winners will be recognized at a ceremony in late fall of 2018. Source: U.S. EPA, 4/25/18

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
To Be High Performing, the U.S. Health System Will Need to Adapt to Climate Change
The U.S. health care system is the world's seventh-largest producer of carbon dioxide, making it a major contributor to air pollution. By reducing carbon emissions and building infrastructure more resilient to natural disasters, health systems and organizations can reduce their carbon footprint and improve health. Source: The Commonwealth Fund, 4/18/18

Meet the anti-plastic warriors: the pioneers with bold solutions to waste
The environmental scourge of plastic has shot to the top of the political agenda. The Guardian talks to the creatives and campaigners behind five imaginative new ventures. Source: The Guardian, 4/22/18

The Robin Hoods of Food Waste
A society of gleaners (not to be confused with dumpster divers) learn the rules of harvesting food in unusual places. Source: New Yorker, 4/30/18

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