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Mercury-Health Care: Operations
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Mercury Containing Equipment in Medical Institutions

Equipment Use
Mercuric Oxide
Hearing Aids, Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Fetal Monitors, Hofler Monitor, Pagers, Picker Caliber, Spirometer Alarm, Telemetry Transmitter, Temperature Alarm, Blood Analyzer
Thermometers Temperature Measurement
Sphgymomanometers Blood Pressure
Barometers Weather Conditions
Esophageal Dilators
Cantor Tubes
Miller Abbot Tubes
Feeding Tubes
Hg is used as weight at the bottom of the tubes
Electrical Instruments Laboratory Ovens (including Microwave Ovens), Nursing Incubators, Room, Temperature Controllers, Refrigerators, Relays, Switches (no noise switch used in patient rooms)
Lamps Fluorescent Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps
High Pressure Sodium Lamps
Ultraviolet Lamps
Cathode Ray tubes
Analytical Instruments using
mercury chloride as reagent
Sequential Multiple Analyzer (SMAC)
AU 2000
Electron Microscope Mercury used as vibration dampener.

Mercury Products Used in Medical Laboratories

Test Type Reagent Mercury
Albumin   Thimerosal
Drugs of Abuse All Thimerosal
/Bacteriostatic Enzyme
Merthiolate, Mercury Nitrate, Mercury Iodide Thimerosal
(26% of Hg).
Herpes EIA Buffer Thimerosal
Cytology Mucolex Thimerosal
Urine Analysis >Stabilur Tablets Mercuric Oxide
Hepatitis B Core   Thimerosal
Hepatitis B AG & AB   Thimerosal
Hepatitis C   Thimerosal
HIV   Thimerosal
CA 125   Thimerosal
Progesterone   Thimerosal
Blood Bank Saline Immu-sal  
Identification of White Cells Camco  
Clostridium difficile    Thimerosal
Group A Streptococcus    Thimerosal
Giardia    Thimerosal
Fixatives B 5 Fixative, Zenker's Solution, Helly, Ohlamacher, Carnoy-Lebrun, Shardin Mercuric Chloride
Histology   Mercuric Chloride
Harris Hematoxylin Mercuric Oxide  
Antibacterial Agent Mercurochrome  
Mercurial Diuretic
(known as mercupurin)
Flame photomoter
(obsolete use)
Mercury Sulfate  
Protain Test
(contain Hydroxyphenol
Millon's Reagent  
BUN Test
Non Protein Nitrogen
Nessler's Solution
Nessler's Solution
Nessler's Solution
Pharmaceutical Preservative Phenol Mercuric Acetate  
Takata-ara Takata's Reagent  

Mercury Stains Used in Medical Laboratories

Test Type

Microbiology Gram Iodine
Histology Carbol-Fuchin
Histology Mercury Chloride
Histology Carbol Gentian Violet
Histology Gomori's
Ganglion Cells Cajal's
HBFT Alum Hematoxylin (Solution A)
Use in delineating nerve cells Golgi's

Mercury Products Used in Dental Clinics

Chemical  Use  
Dental Amalgam Dental filling

Other Sources of Mercury in Medical Institutions

  • Mercury and mercury compound trapped in the sewer traps during spill
  • Incinerators: Mercury is discharged to air while burning or discharged to water through water scrubber
  • Manhole Bottom: Mercury accumulates in the sludge at the bottom of the manhole
  • Cleaning Chemicals


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