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environmental training curriculum for dry cleaners
Question submitted on 12/13/12

I'm looking to see if any environmental agency or technical assistance provider has prepared a training curriculum that informs dry cleaners about best management practices to reduce the potential for environmental spills and leaks at their facilities. So far, my internet research has uncovered a California Air Resources Board document entitlted "Curriculum for the Environmental Training Program for Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning Operations." Any assistance you provide would be great. Thanks


Besides the CARB curriculum (, I didn't find much. TURI funded a project in 1996 entitled Environmental Technologies Initiative Training Curriculum. Here's the description from the web site:

Garment Cleaning Technology (Process/Sector Training Module). Under an EPA grant, and in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and others, TURI developed a pollution prevention training curriculum designed specifically for environmental professionals in public agencies. One of the modules in this training curriculum focuses on the pollution prevention options and technology alternatives available in dry cleaning. The module was piloted with an audience drawn from Massachusetts DEP staff. A copy of this training module can be ordered from the TTC (978-934-3136).

Via the Dry Cleaning Topic Hub (, I also found slides ( from a program that the Kentucky P2 Center did for Michigan DEQ on P2 for dry cleaners.

They aren't directly related to what you asked about, but the following might be of use:

Training Curriculum for Alternative Clothes Cleaning (TURI)
This is focused on wet cleaning, but it might have some useful stuff.

Guidance Document for Dry Cleaners' Toxics Use Reduction Plans (TURI) Not a curriculum, but again some useful information. Please note that the PDF will automatically download into your browser's Downloads folder but won't open in the browser.

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