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Reuse of reverse osmosis reject water for site irrigation
Question submitted on 7/9/07

I am trying to find case studies of businesses reusing their reverse osmosis reject water for site irrigation/watering. I have been unable to track down any case studies.


I searched several online databases and found one relevant citation in Water Resources Abstracts. I've included it below. If you wish to obtain a copy of the paper, you can do so through your local or company library's interlibrary loan service.

Here's the citation for the paper I found:

Riccobono, VM; Rohe, DL; Petty, JT. "Reclamation and Re-Use of Domestic Wastewater and Reverse Osmosis Reject Water." Is Current Technology the Answer, Proceedings of the First Biennial Conference of the National Water Supply Improvement Association June 8-12, 1986, Washington, DC. (1986).
Abstract: Reuse of a combination of domestic wastewater effluent and reverse osmosis reject (concentrate) water by spray irrigation is detailed in this paper. A case history is provided, including economics, water quality parameters, flows and environmental regulatory requirements, for spray irrigation reuse of wastewater streams at a planned unit development in southwest Florida. Costs associated with effluent and concentrate disposal as well as the recycle program are estimated. Advantages (such as lower costs to develop the wellfield, lower capital and operation/maintenance costs to produce potable water) and disadvantages (water quality) of the reuse system are highlighted.

I also located some documents by searching Google for "reverse osmosis reject water" reuse irrigation. Some of these don't match your exact criteria, but may give you some ideas for places to contact for more information.

Water Conservation for Building Managers -- Lessons Learned

Archived message on the SAFETY e-mail list regarding RORW (including contact e-mails)
One of the engineers mentions using RORW for golf course irrigation.

MIT Facilities Water Reuse
They're using RORW as non-potable water in their laboratories. Might be worth contacting to see if they are using it for irrigation too. Contact information is included on the web site.

Conserving the Earth's Water (Motorola)
The Hong Kong, China site uses reverse osmosis reject water for outdoor irrigation and recycles 94% of wastewater for reuse in manufacturing. The contact person for press releases dealing with Motorola's environmental issues appears to be Tama McWhinney, ph. (847) 538-1865, e-mail:

Duke University's Fitzpatrick Center
Click on Water Efficiency. They're using RORW to irrigate. Contact information is at the bottom right of the page.

If these results aren't satisfactory, please let me know. I'll be happy to post your question to the P2Tech e-mail list. The pollution prevention professionals there may be able to offer more suggestions.

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