GLRPPR: Contacts: Environment Canada--National Office of Pollution Prevention
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GLRPPR Contacts: Environment Canada--National Office of Pollution Prevention

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Environment Canada--National Office of Pollution Prevention
351 St. Joseph Boulevard, 13th Floor
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H3
Telephone: 819-994-0186

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  • National

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  • The National Office of Pollution Prevention is part of the Department’s Environmental Protection Service, and is a Branch within the Toxics Pollution Prevention Directorate. Management of toxics and other substances of concern is a common thread in the majority of the activities of the National Office of Pollution Prevention. Its activities are driven by legislated requirements (CEPA and the Fisheries Act) and federal Cabinet decisions. The end result - the products delivered - are recommendations on management of specific toxic substances that lead to regulations, guidelines, standards, codes of practice, voluntary agreements and other non-regulatory initiatives that result in clean air and water for Canadians. The Office is responsible for development and implementation of these instruments, and for reporting on results. To get these, the Office has the management and technical expertise needed to undertake analyses, stakeholder consultations, negotiations, and to develop responses, policies and programs that lead toward environmental sustainability in key industrial sectors of the Canadian economy.

    NOPP's mission is to (1) promote, through regulatory and voluntary initiatives, the shift to a preventive approach to environmental protection throughout Canadian society, and to influence this shift internationally, and (2) contribute science, knowledge, leadership and innovation to the prevention and resolution of pollution problems.


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