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GLRPPR Contacts: Rain Garden Network

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Rain Garden Network
5147 N. Mulligan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60630
Telephone: 773-774-5333

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  • Rain Garden Network is an organization that encourages homeowners to do what they can on their property and in their lives to protect the water quality of our lakes, rivers and streams from pollution and the damage done by stormwater runoff. Through a program called Citizen Solution, homeowners receive assistance to establish their own rain gardens and other personal rainwater management systems. Rain Garden Network provides rain garden design, construction and maintenance services; rain barrel installation; gutter servicing and downspout disconnection services and provide useful and supportive information for homeowners who want solutions. In addition to rain garden installation, Rain Garden Network also offers assistance with education and outreach efforts. Rain Garden Network works closely with residents, teachers, gardeners and community groups to promote smart rainwater management techniques that can be easily and inexpensively installed and maintained.

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