GLRPPR: Contacts: Illinois Institute of Technology - Dept of Chemical and Env. Engineering
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GLRPPR Contacts: Illinois Institute of Technology - Dept of Chemical and Env. Engineering

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Illinois Institute of Technology - Dept of Chemical and Env. Engineering
10 W 33rd Street
Perlstein Hall, Room 127
Chicago, IL 60616
Telephone: 312-567-3040

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  • The IIT Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (chEE0 offers leading edge research and education programs that prepare engineers for the technological challenges of the 21st century. Capitalizing on its unique interdisciplinary focus, the department provides students with a knowledge of chemical and environmental engineering fundamentals; the capability to design processes that incorporate principles of pollution prevention; and an understanding of the economic, environmental, and societal issues that influence intelligent technology choices. The ChEE Department offers degree programs, certificate programs, and short courses, as well as research and consulting services that incorporate the principles of pollution prevention.

    Degree programs include B.S., M.S., Professional Master, and Ph.D. programs in both chemical and environmental engineering. Certificate programs are developed to provide professional training that addresses the changing technological needs of industry. Currently, certification is available in Air Resources, Bioengineering, Food Process Engineering, Hazardous Waste Engineering, Indoor Air Quality, Particle Processing, Polymer Syntheses and Characterization/Processing, Process Operations Management, Water and Wastewater Treatment. Short courses that present specialized topics in a highly condensed format are offered at the IIT campus or at company locations.

    Core areas of research competency of the department include Air Pollution; Bioprocessing and Bioremediation; Chemical Process Modeling, Monitoring, and Control; Computational Multiphase Flow; Electrochemical Science and Technology an Fluidization; Polymer Science and Engineering. The ChEE faculty is conducting numerous cooperative projects in these areas with industry, government agencies, and other universities. Research contracts and consulting services can be arranged.


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