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GLRPPR Contacts: Cook County Department of Environmental Control

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Cook County Department of Environmental Control
69 W. Washington Street, Room 1900
Chicago, IL 60602
Telephone: 312-603-8200

Sector Areas of expertise for this organization:

Service expertise of this organization:

Clientele this organization deals with:

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Service Scope:

  • Local

Program Type(s):


  • The Department of Environmental Control is responsible for protection of the health and welfare of the people of Cook County by protecting, improving and preserving the environment to foster the comfort and convenience of our citizens.

    Programs Offered:

    Inspection Services/Compliance Program- Provide annual compliance inspections of stationary sources of Air Pollution. Industrial and commercial initiations of enforcement activities for violations through the court system. Investigate industrial problems. Hold administrative hearings. Businesses require annual operational permits. New facilities require installation permits. Annual fee assessed based on size of facility.

    Mobile Source Program- Inspect fleet vehicles and private vehicles for evidence of tampering (removal) of pollution control equipment. Answer complaints. Perform air conditioning inspection for recycling freon.

    Technical Services Air Monitoring- Complete operation of air pollution monitoring network. Provide air quality data. Perform laboratory analysis of pollution. Compile data. Prepare daily public information reports. Issue alerts. 24 hour information available at 312-603-8200.

    Radon Awareness- Promote public education on Radon. Provide information on testing and mitigation of radon. Provide training seminars and educational clearinghouse. Target municipalities, real estate groups and citizen groups. Radon Hot Line at 708-865-6177 to request speakers or information.

    Asbestos Regulation/Demolition/Renovation- Utilizes permit system to regulate asbestos removal and disposal during demolition for compliance with asbestos/hazardous material regulations. Contractor/owner are required to obtain a permit from department prior to asbestos removal or demolition. The fee is $1 per foot of asbestos ($1,000 maximum). The demolition fee is $100.

    Complaint Investigation- Provide for response to citizen complaints about environmental matters. Resolve problems, seek solutions, referred to appropriate agencies. Citizens can call 24 hours a day at 708-865-6165. Emergency calls response within the hour. Non-emergency calls receive next day response.


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