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Great Lakes Pollution
Hello! I am writing to you in regards to a school project where we are doing a project on the Great Lakes pollution. I would like to know, What kind of pollution is the most detrimental to the Great Lakes health? Why? If you could ban one of the types of pollution, what would it be?, Why? Finally, What shape do you think that the Lakes will be in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years.
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Reuse of reverse osmosis reject water for site irrigation
I am trying to find case studies of businesses reusing their reverse osmosis reject water for site irrigation/watering. I have been unable to track down any case studies.
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Sanitary sewer cleaning
I just read an article in Trenchless Technology (Nov 2006) about Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland comprehensive sewer inspection. I just assumed that specs. were available for review. Does the procurement department have these available via their website?
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Long term effects of spraying
I am trying to get information on the long term effects of spraying Budd Lake in Harrison for the invasive weed infestation. Do have or know of any sources?
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How can I get one of the city's rainbarrels discussed in the latest issue of the City of Chicago's Dept. of Water Management's newsletter?
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Water standards and informatin about chemicals to clean heat exchangers
I am a metallurgist. My client wants me to recommend a new material for heat exchanger tubing used at a waste water plant because of corrosion problems. He has given me tables of water data. I don't know how to interpret them. I need to find out what the "worst" stuff is. Please provide me with water information. Parameters he has given me are: Alkalinity, Ammonia, Fecal Coli.,CBOD5, KN, soluble, Nitrate-N, Total suspension, Volatile suspension, Sulfate.. and more (usually g/ml). He also wants me to recommend any testing he might need to do for other water parameters. I don't think typical things like Fe, Ca, are an issue.
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Most polluted Great Lake
What is the most polluted Great Lake?
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Great Lakes pollution
Where can I find information about pollution in the Great Lakes?
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