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Help Desk Related Questions

At Orbus (in the Chicago area) we use mdf board to make products. We have been throwing the cutoff pieces in the garbage which eventually goes to a landfill. Are there any local companies that recycle medium-density fibreboard?
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We have a hot tub take we would like to get rid of and has no idea how and or where. Please help I am in Buffalo ny 14207.
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Paper use
I have a question regarding using paper fast food napkins, paper towels and toilet paper to help save the world in doing our part for conservation. The other day on the Oprah show, a guest suggested we should cut down our use of paper napkins to save a bunch of trees. I think we should use less paper towels too. And, I wondered if the use of single ply toilet paper would also help save the trees as well as saving us trouble with our potty drains not just in homes but in homes where the drainage system isn't that great. What do you think? Should we all buy single ply? Shouldn't we use linen napkins more. Any additional suggestions for conservation with regard to paper?
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Electronics Disposal
I have a number of electronic items such as tuners, amplifiers, speakers, etc. that I wish to dispose of. Can you direct me to a recycling facility for such equipment? I live in Rockton, IL 61072, just north of Rockford.
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Where can I find a recycling center in Houston that takes plastics and glass?
Where can I find a recycling center in Houston that takes plastics and glass?
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Where can I recycle non-working stereo equipment?
The local electronics recycling programs seem to accept only computer equipment and wireless phones. I'd like to recycle a Teac bookshelf mini component system. I'm in East Brunswick, NJ 08816.
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Recycling project
Can you guys give me some ideas about our recycle project? Did I mention that we need to use plastic?
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Starting a campus recycling program
How do I start a recycling program at my university?
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Could you tell me where to find a list of active C&D landfills in Pennsylvania?
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