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Help Desk Related Questions

We have a hot tub take we would like to get rid of and has no idea how and or where. Please help I am in Buffalo ny 14207.
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Auto Fuel Savers, claims they can double your auto gas mileage and reduce fuel emissions by installing one of their devices that supposedly extracts a hydrogen compound that mixes with your gas to improve engine efficiency. They claim to be EPA approved. Is this true?
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Paper use
I have a question regarding using paper fast food napkins, paper towels and toilet paper to help save the world in doing our part for conservation. The other day on the Oprah show, a guest suggested we should cut down our use of paper napkins to save a bunch of trees. I think we should use less paper towels too. And, I wondered if the use of single ply toilet paper would also help save the trees as well as saving us trouble with our potty drains not just in homes but in homes where the drainage system isn't that great. What do you think? Should we all buy single ply? Shouldn't we use linen napkins more. Any additional suggestions for conservation with regard to paper?
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Green funerals/burial
What do you think about a green funeral/burial? Where is this option available?
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Where can I find a recycling center in Houston that takes plastics and glass?
Where can I find a recycling center in Houston that takes plastics and glass?
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What is the meaning of biodegradable/biocomposites contained in plastic?
May I know what is are the definitions of and difference between biodegradable and biocomposites?
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Recycling project
Can you guys give me some ideas about our recycle project? Did I mention that we need to use plastic?
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Is there a Whole Earth Catalogue available today?
Is there a Whole Earth Catalogue available today?
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What are the simple steps for making a 10 person professional office green? We would like to be a carbon neutral office by October of next year but how do we get started? We operate a small business in the Northeast.
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How can I get one of the city's rainbarrels discussed in the latest issue of the City of Chicago's Dept. of Water Management's newsletter?
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Most polluted Great Lake
What is the most polluted Great Lake?
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P2 for funeral homes/mortuaries/the funeral industry
Have any of you ever worked on tech assistance for funeral homes/mortuaries? I found one 1995 study on Formaldehyde Use Reduction, do you know of any other good ones out there?
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Great Lakes pollution
Where can I find information about pollution in the Great Lakes?
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I've been asked to develop a fact sheet discussing the pros and cons of using polystyrene for things such as beverage or food containment. I'm looking for research based information on the environmental and economic aspects of polystyrene use.
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Gasoline Prices
Where can I find sources to document the increase in local gas prices?
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Do you have commonly accepted definitions for the following words?
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Product Stewardship
  • Dematerialize
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-effectiveness
  • Life-Cycle Design
  • Cradle-to-Cradle
  • Material Taxes
  • Mandatory Recycling Targets
  • "Take-Back" Requirements
  • LEED
  • Renewable Resources
  • Environmental Cost Accounting
  • Sustainability Index
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Natural Capitalism
  • Global Climate Change
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Natural Step
  • Environmental Labeling
  • Biomimicry
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