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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Novel Coatings Systems for Use as High Performance Chemical Resistant Powder Topcoats

Novel Coatings Systems for Use as High Performance Chemical Resistant Powder Topcoats

For decades, the Department of Defense has recognized the benefits of powder coating technologies, encouraged their development, and promoted their use in the military market. Powder coatings generally offer low VOCs, demonstrate excellent corrosion resistance and provide superior weatherability. In addition, powder technologies generally eliminate solvents within the coatings and those used for cleanup thereby improving worker safety, reducing time and costs associated with the handling and disposal of hazardous wastes, and offering the capability for up to 95% materials recycling during the application process. Despite DoD's increasing trend in the use of powder coatings, until recently, there were no technologies qualified to meet the performance demands of the specification MIL-PRF-32348, Type 3. This specification defines the challenging requirements of a low gloss chemical agent resistant (CARC) powder topcoat.

Sherwin-Williams, together with a team of industry, academic and military partners, successfully developed a MIL-PRF-32348, Type 3 powder topcoat technology. Key accomplishments of the project include the design and synthesis of a unique polymer system coupled with a formulation strategy that maximizes crosslink density, producing an ultra low gloss, highly durable, chemical agent resistant coating. A detailed scientific understanding of the materials and their interactions was also established through characterization studies.

This technology, which has been qualified by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to meet the stringent requirements of the military specification, has established a foundation for new low gloss, highly durable powder coatings. It has undergone demonstration/validation studies at Star 4D (Spray Technique Analysis and Research for Defense) and field trials at depots and military coaters. Sherwin-Williams is currently transitioning the technology for broad distribution to the military market including OEM's, Depots and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).


U.S. Department of Defense

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May 2017

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