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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Smart Moves: Creative Supply Chain Strategies Are Cutting Transport Costs and Emissions

Smart Moves: Creative Supply Chain Strategies Are Cutting Transport Costs and Emissions

Initiatives are already being implemented by leading shippers today to reduce costs and improve carbon efficiency. Our goal in sharing these case studies is to help companies everywhere benefit from these solutions pioneered by industry leaders and their transport providers. By showcasing these stories together, we demonstrate the range of opportunities available for shippers to improve freight carbon efficiency and reduce costs. Collectively, these steps can enable shippers to pursue a bold freight strategy that will produce tangible economic and environmental results. First, we look at companies that have been able to shift cargo to more carbon-efficient modes of transportation. We also look at changing inventory management practices, which will enable shippers to further transition to more carbon- and cost-efficient alternatives. Next, we highlight shippers optimizing their distribution networks to cut carbon and costs. For example, several companies have made specific changes to reduce overall miles traveled. Others have leveraged partnerships--sometimes even with direct competitors -- to increase efficiencies through collaborative distribution projects. From there, we examine companies that are rethinking the goods and packaging that make up each shipment, or changing the mix of products to optimize for space and weight in order to eliminate capacity that often goes to waste. Finally, as nearly all goods flow through warehouses and distribution centers, we look at companies that have significantly cut energy consumption by making changes to their lighting and heating systems. Ultimately, shippers are a critical link in determining the success of collective efforts to reduce harmful freight emissions. With the steps outlined in this report, shippers can get started on this vital opportunity today.



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