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GLRPPR Sector Resource: The Challenge of Hotel and Restaurant Sustainability: Finding Profit in “Being Green”

The Challenge of Hotel and Restaurant Sustainability: Finding Profit in “Being Green”

Free registration required to download full publication. While many hospitality operators are scrambling to improve the sustainability of their operations, many guests are doing nothing of the kind--even though they expect hotels and restaurants to be as "green" as possible. Taking note of this contradiction, speakers and presenters at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit urged the hospitality industry to move ahead on sustainability, more because it can provide operating savings than because guests demand it. Key points raised during CHRS included the idea that sustainability includes not only environmental issues but also the preservation of local cultures. Design needs to be as efficient as possible, but the environmental aspects of design need to be implicit, since guests are not interested in being expressly educated about "green" operation. No sustainability program makes sense if it does not have a favorable cost-benefit ratio. An efficient design not only conserves resources, but it can make a hotel more viable (and profitable). Energy management should be integrated into hospitality operations so that it responds to actual building use. However, the industry is still struggling to find measurements and benchmarks for "green" operations generally and energy conservation specifically. Guest room energy management is at the forefront of sustainability efforts, but again there is no indication that guests wish to be inconvenienced in any way by a hotel's energy-saving programs. Food-service operations also face sustainability issues, complicated by guests' interest in healthy food and local sourcing.


Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research

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