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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Easy Energy and Materials Savings: A Business Guide to Source Reduction

Easy Energy and Materials Savings: A Business Guide to Source Reduction

Sustainability is commonly defined as meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It includes the concepts of businesses remaining profitable, employees receiving livable wages, and natural resources being managed wisely. In this booklet, you will read about companies that pursued sustainability initiatives,reducing their environmental impact while increasing their profit margin. Their projects demonstrate a crucial strategy in this effort--source reduction. Source reduction involves examining the whole life cycle of a product (extraction of raw materials, transportation, processing, manufacturing, consumer use, and disposal) to reveal opportunities for reducing materials and energy consumption. Some businesses begin improvement with thorough planning and evaluation of operations. Others simply implement projects they know will reduce materials and energy use. In this booklet, you will find many examples of easy, proven projects ("low hanging fruit") that most companies can begin today. For companies ready to commit to ongoing improvements, we provide information on how to develop an Environmental Management System. Many of these successful projects were initiated by engineering interns from a Pollution Prevention (P2) Intern program in their state. This is a highly effective way to get help improving your processes at very little cost. Contact information for these programs plus other resources is included. Companies who examine their processes for leaner operation not only improve the environment but also empower their people and encourage innovation.


Nebraska Business Development Center

Resource Type:
Case study/success story

Date of Publication:
April 2011

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