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GLRPPR Sector Resource: An Act Concerning the Collection and Recycling of Covered Electronic Devices (Connecticut)

An Act Concerning the Collection and Recycling of Covered Electronic Devices (Connecticut)

This act creates a mandatory recycling program for discarded computers and televisions. Starting January 1, 2009, manufacturers must participate in a program to implement and finance the collection, transportation, and recycling of these covered electronic devices (CEDs). They may participate in the statewide program or a private program. It requires each CED manufacturer to register with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and pay an annual registration fee, which DEP must use to administer the program. Each registered manufacturer also must pay recyclers the reasonable costs of transporting and recycling its CEDs. The act sets a maximum transportation and recycling reimbursement rate of 50 cents per pound. The act prohibits, with some exceptions, retailers from selling CEDs manufactured by noncompliant manufacturers. It requires municipalities to provide for the convenient recycling of CEDs generated within their borders and arrange for bringing CEDs to DEP-approved recyclers. The act prohibits, starting January 1, 2011, anyone (1) from knowingly discarding a CED at a solid waste disposal facility other than a transfer station, and (2) charging a fee to state residents bringing seven or fewer CEDs to a collector (apparently a transfer station or solid waste hauler) at any one time. It creates two separate, nonlapsing accounts within the Environmental Quality Fund. DEP must use funds from the (1) "electronic device recycling program account" to carry out the act's provisions and (2) "covered electronic recycler reimbursement account" to reimburse recyclers for their unpaid qualified expenses. The commissioner must adopt regulations to implement the act. The regulations must include provisions establishing (1) annual registration and reasonable fees for administering the program; (2) a process for approving recyclers; (3) a table of qualified reimbursable costs for recyclers; (4) standards for the operation, accounting, and auditing of recyclers; (5) a list of CEDs not limited to those the act specifies, such as printers; and (6) any other requirements needed to carry out the act. The commissioner may help create and implement a regional, multi-state organization or compact to help carry out its provisions.


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