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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Green Seal Environmental Standard for Printing and Writing Paper (GS-7)

Green Seal Environmental Standard for Printing and Writing Paper (GS-7)

This standard establishes environmental requirements for: 1.1. Printing and writing paper. The subcategories of paper included in this Standard are: 1.1.1. Blanks including papers for printed signs, point of purchase displays, window displays, posters and calendar backs. 1.1.2. Bond paper including letterhead, stationery, invoices, self-adhesive note paper, statement papers and duplicating papers for gelatin type of hectographic reproduction. 1.1.3. Bristols including file folders, index cards, ruled forms, mailing cards, tag papers, wedding invitations, and postal bristol. 1.1.4. Business forms including papers sold to be used in business forms and computer printout paper. 1.1.5 Copy paper including paper made for use in the high speed electrostatic reproduction process. 1.1.6 Cover paper including heavy papers sold for use as covers for books, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets and similar purposes. 1.1.7 Drawing paper including papers for architects, artists, and draftsmen for pen or pencil drawings and paper used primarily by school children for sketching, crayon, or watercolor work. 1.1.8 Labels including labels for file folders, mailing, shipping, and similar purposes. 1.1.9 Ledger paper including paper used in bound and loose-leaf ledger books, accounting record systems, and legal paper. 1.1.10 Lightweight printing paper including high quality, high opacity lightweight papers used in bibles, dictionaries, manuals, and professional reference books to reduce bulk. 1.1.11. Manifold and onionskin paper including paper used for airmail stationery, catalogs, manuals, envelope enclosures, advertisements and carbon copies of correspondence and legal documents. 1.1.12. Tablet paper including loose leaf paper, notebooks, note pads, adding machine rolls, and cash register rolls. 1.1.13. Text paper including paper used in annual reports, booklets, menus, announcements, advertising and corporate advertising circulars. 1.1.14. Uncoated groundwood free papers including uncoated paper used for personalized computer generated letters and promotional mailings in the business forms industry, book manufacturing, magazine blow cards, and duplicating paper for spirit machines. 1.1.15. Gift wrapping paper including plain and decorated wrapping papers, not including packaging or packaging materials. 1.1.16. Other recycled printing and writing paper including all other paper sold primarily for use in printing and writing. 1.2. Paper specifically excluded from this Standard. This standard specifically does not include the following paper: 1.2.1. Uncoated groundwood papers including Newsprint. [Newsprint is covered by Green Seal Standard GS-15.] 1.2.2. Packaging materials. 1.2.3 Tissue products. [Tissue Products area covered by Green Seal Standards GS-1 and GS-9.] 1.2.4. Specialty papers such as carbon paper and carbonless carbon paper. 1.2.5. Coated groundwood paper and coated groundwood free printing paper. [These products are covered by Green Seal Standard GS-10.]


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July 12, 2013

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