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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Greener Fuels, Greener Vehicles: A State Resource Guide

Greener Fuels, Greener Vehicles: A State Resource Guide

This best practices State Resource Guide discusses the many alternative transportation fuels and vehicle technologies available in the marketplace today -- ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas, electricity, hybrid electric vehicles, and others -- as well as the fuels and technologies of tomorrow, such as hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cells, coal-to-liquids, diesel vehicles, and plug-in electric hybrids. This guide provides a brief overview of the economic and environmental implications of an oil-dependent transportation sector. In addition, it reviews alternative fuels and vehicle technologies in use today, describes innovations coming in the future, and explains their associated benefits and limitations. It also touches on approaches to addressing vehicle fuel use, an important aspect of the overall discussion, and looks at state policy tools to encourage greener transportation, such as financial incentives, rules and mandates, purchasing power, and research and demonstration. Finally, the guide provides an overview of the core barriers to wider consumption of alternative fuels and vehicles, along with examples of state policies designed to overcome the following roadblocks to their adoption: lack of alternative fuels in the marketplace, limited fuel distribution system, and inadequate supply of alternative vehicles. By better understanding alternative fuels, vehicles, infrastructure, and technologies, governors can take collective action--tailored to their states' unique industrial resources, geography, and economic and demographic composition--to help the United States reduce its reliance on petroleum, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and secure a clean energy future.


National Governors Association

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February 2008

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