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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Auto Salvage--Great Lakes Region Topic Hub

Auto Salvage--Great Lakes Region Topic Hub

The information presented in this Topic Hub has been developed to enable assistance providers and automobile salvage facilities in the Great Lakes region to go beyond the minimum environmental compliance requirements through waste minimization and pollution prevention activities, and to simultaneously eliminate the applicability of some federal, state, or local environmental requirements. The ultimate goal is to prevent the release of chemicals to the environment through pollution prevention practices at auto salvage facilities. This hub builds on the foundation of identifying the common waste streams and contaminants found at a salvage facility and some of the key environmental regulations that impact this industry. The hub then provides specific suggestions on how to minimize the negative impacts to the environment from a salvage facility. This includes actions that facility owners can implement prior to building a new facility as well as actions that existing facilities can take to minimize environmental impact and improve business efficiency. These pollution prevention (P2) actions may also save business owners and operators money up front in terms of day to day operating costs (permits, waste disposal costs, etc) and reduce indirect costs such as activities and conditions that may impact insurance costs as well as long term liability. Developed by the Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR) as part of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) Topic Hub project.



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