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GLRPPR Sector Resource: CleanerSolutions Database

CleanerSolutions Database

The Toxics Use Reduction Institute's (TURI's) Surface Solutions Laboratory (SSL) created this database linking performance evaluations to specific testing parameters and environmental assessments based on the testing performed at the lab. The database is filled with over 10 years of performance testing results combined with health and environment indicators. The system helps companies understand how to choose alternatives so that overall risks to workers and the environment are reduced. This web-based interface to the CleanerSolutions Database is field-searchable by surface contaminants, surface substrates, cleaning equipment, solvents replaced and vendor product data. The search results list possible replacement products, performance test results, and safety information based on five environmental and health indicators. SSL conducts a preliminary screening to determine a chemical's potential risk based on global warming potential, ozone depletion potential, volatile organic content, flammability/reactivity and acute toxicity. The database is designed to provide the user with many search methods. These methods are separated into two main areas: Lab Clients & Testing and Vendor Supplied Information. The first section yields search results based on laboratory testing for specific client situations. The Vendor section will let users search and browse information supplied by over 100 product vendors. Vendor information may not have been independently tested by SSL.


Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)

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