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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Consumer Reports Launches

Consumer Reports Launches


A new survey published by Consumer Reports to coincide with the launch of gives a new face to what it means to be green in America. While only 5 percent of respondents consider themselves activists, nearly 9 out of 10 actively consider environmental and health factors when making purchases. More and more, consumers are making environmentally friendly choices through their purchasing decisions. They are actively seeking out organic foods, avoiding dangerous chemicals in products, and looking for energy-efficient appliances. will offer consumers reliable and practical advice on how to be more environmentally conscious.

The site launch will begin with a dozen products across several categories, including electronics, appliances, home & garden, autos, and food. Consumers can easily find out how to incorporate environmental and health issues into their product purchases, uses, recycling, and disposal. There will be an additional "green ratings" section, starting with eight products, which will provide rankings that include a product's energy, water, and fuel efficiency performance. This is especially critical where Consumer Reports' in-depth testing offers more comprehensive and accurate information than standard environmental claims made on products, such as Energy Star.

Broader-scale environmental issues concerning energy, climate change, agriculture, waste, and dangerous chemical substances will also be discussed while making the connections to the products people buy. Consumers will also find tools such as energy calculators, rebate information, food label meanings as well as links to help consumers find out more about their local energy, water, and sewage treatment services.

In addition to being a stand-alone site, specific sections of will be linked off the applicable product pages on


Consumer Reports

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