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GLRPPR Sector Resource: Total Cost of Ownership for Metalworking Fluids

Total Cost of Ownership for Metalworking Fluids

This research report was written by Thomas Bierma and Frank Waterstraat of Illinois State University, with funding from the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center (WMRC). Total cost of Ownership (TCO) for metalworking fluids has two components—hidden costs and performance leverage—in addition to fluid purchase price. In this study, three plants using metalworking fluids were examined for TCO. Results indicate that management decisions based solely on the purchase price of metalworking fluids may be substantially different than those based on a more complete understanding of the total financial impact of fluids. In particular, opportunities to improve fluids and fluid management are currently undervalued. This results in excessive fluid waste and an unnecessary drain on company resources. The techniques used in this study provide a relatively quick and inexpensive method for companies to estimate the TCO and performance leverage for their own metalworking fluids. (PDF Format; Length: 125 pages)


Illinois State University and WMRC

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April 2004

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