2014 Great Lakes Green Chemistry Conference: Innovating for Success

March 31-April 3, 2014

Join us at Wyndham Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio for the 2014 Great Lakes Green Chemistry Conference with a focus on "Innovating for Success in Green Chemistry".

The purpose of this conference is to show how innovations in green chemistry drive advances in business, academia, policy, and human health protection in the Great Lakes region, and how integration and collaboration of these areas are crucial for success.

The conference will include keynotes, plenary sessions, panel sessions, breakout sessions, and a poster networking exchange. Submissions should specify a desire for inclusion as either a presentation or a poster.

This year, a poster networking exchange session will be offered to enable interactive discussions for research and implementation strategies related to green chemistry. We are inviting posters from anyone involved in research, safer formulations, new product development and implementation, decision-making tools, or technical assistance. Ideally, posters will make a connection between green chemistry expertise and business needs in product development in safer chemistry. Student involvement is encouraged and entries from students are welcome.

This conference will be preceded by a half-day GLRPPR meeting and followed by a one-day training on the hazard assessment tool the GreenScreen™ for Safer Chemicals.

GreenScreen™ for Safer Chemicals Training (space is limited)

Register early for this in-depth experiential training on how to use the GreenScreen™ for Safer Chemicals, a comparative chemical screening method developed by Clean Production Action to help move our society toward the use of greener and safer chemicals. This in-depth experiential workshop is intended to educate designers and decision-makers on how to implement the GreenScreen™ to compare and select safer chemicals for use in products and manufacturing processes. See the Agenda.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in research, product development, or technical assistance related to green chemistry or safer chemical alternatives, this conference is for you. Content for this conference is primarily directed toward industry, but representatives from government, academia, and non-profits will benefit also from the presentations and networking opportunities.

Why should you attend?

  • Accelerate opportunities for you to expand your customer base and capture emerging markets for products and safer alternatives
  • Increase workforce safety and ensure the health of consumers
  • Achieve cost savings with a better understanding of the ever-changing chemical regulatory landscape
  • Enhance and improve your competitive advantage and corporate image

The following general topic areas are being proposed for the conference and the final agenda will be chosen, in part, from the areas represented by the topics submitted:

Business and Green Chemistry

  • Efforts that drive green chemistry innovations
  • Case studies that tell the story of economic and environmental achievements in green chemistry innovation
  • Market challenges holding back economic and environmental success
  • Ways companies have made the business case for green chemistry
  • Supply chain integration of safer chemistry strategies
  • Issues with green chemistry start-up companies


  • Building bridges between business and academia
  • Public/private partnerships for safer chemistry

Resources and Tools

  • Decision-making tools to help guide businesses
  • Alternatives assessments

Chemicals Policy

  • Role of government, policy, and regulations
  • State policy progression and advancements
  • Ways government regulation drives innovation in green chemistry

Research and Education

  • Research and technology in safer chemistry
  • Green chemistry education
  • Research efforts leading to practical implementation

State of the Great Lakes

  • GLRI grantees panel
  • Great Lakes emerging chemicals of concern (to human health and the environment)
  • Safer Chemistry Challenge Program

Special thanks to our sponsors:

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