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Winter 2003 GLRPPR Conference Agenda

March 4 - 6, 2003

March 4th - Room 330 - GSA Conference Center

3:00pm-5:00pm Steering Committee Meeting
6:30pm-8:30pm Group Dinner

March 5th

8:00am Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:00am-9:00am Networking and Set Out Materials @ Information Exchange Tables

Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Debra Jacobson - GLRPPR

Bharat Mathur - Deputy Regional Administrator at EPA Region 5

Tom Ustanik - Lansing Cleaners
Lansing Cleaners, is a small family owned business located in Lansing, IL a Chicago suburb. They are a two time IL Governor's Pollution Prevention Award winner. Tom will talk about Lansing Cleaner's pollution prevention activities and how it has benefitted his business.


State Program Updates from:
Illinois - Becky Lockart, IL EPA
Indiana - Karen Teliha, IDEM
Michigan - Laura Rauwerda, MI DEQ or David Herb, DEQ
New York - Mary Rossi, Erie County
Ontario, Canada - Lori Fryzuk, Environment Canada
Wisconsin - Tom Coogan - WI Dept. of Commerce

10:45am-11:00am Break
11:00am-12:00pm State Program Updates
12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch and Networking

Regional and National Program Updates: U.S. EPA Region 5 - Phil Kaplan
U.S. EPA ORD, NMRL - Emma Lou George (located in Cincinnati, OH)
U.S. EPA Office of Pollution Prevention National Update - Andy Privee
U.S. EPA Design for the Environment Update - Eileen Gibson
U.S. Department of Energy - Brian Olsen
U.S. Department of Defense - Hugh McAlear

2:30pm-3:00pm Break
3:00pm-4:00pm Plenary Panel - Urban and Industrial Growth

Ford Motor Company, the City of Chicago, WMRC and other government and affected interest groups are working towards building an industrial park in Chicago which supports the manufacture of Ford's vehicles. The program involves locating suppliers, as well as support services within close proximity to the auto manufacturing plant. Currently the project is addressing issues such as utility optimization issues as well as site management needs.

This is a unique concept that no auto manufacturer in the world has implemented and want to use this as a model for future manufacturing. Manufacturing will be based on the "just in time" concept with material continuously flowing through the supplier's facility straight through to the Ford plant avoiding most inventory warehousing needs, etc. Ford envisions the final production process will involve parts coming from a supplier will be on a car by the end of the day.

Suzanne Malec - City of Chicago Department of Environment (DOE)
Chicago Ford Industrial Park Initiative Overview and The City of Chicago is addressing the broader issues such as zoning, landscaping, drainage, and restoration of a stream to encourage an environmentally site plan. The IL DOT is working with the City of Chicago to address transportation infrastructure planning. Ms. Malek has been invited to present a summary of City of Chicago's Role in the program (zoning, planning, coordination, etc.)

Tim Lindsey - Illinois Waste Management & Research Center (WMRC)
WMRC's role in the program consists of working with 10 of Ford's suppliers to work with them to incorporate P2 & industrial ecology at the design stage. Dr. Lindsey will present a summary of technical assistance initiatives, obstacles, and lessons learned so far associated with this Chicago Ford Industrial Park Initiative.

March 6th

7:00am-8:00am Registration/Continental Breakfast

Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 Technology/Technical Assistance Partnerships

Moderator: Karen Teliha - IDEM

Tim Lindsey - WMRC
Dr. Lindsey will present an overview of Industry-State Technical Assistance Agency partnerships to reduce waste. This presentation will focus on partnership where the two agencies work together to manage use of chemicals and reduce dumping of chemicals. It will feature WMRC's work with General Motor's Allison transmission facility in Indianapolis, IN and Haas TCM.

Bill Zehnpfennig -Daimler Chrysler, Toledo Machining Plant
Mr. Zehnpfennig will present a summary of Daimler Chrysler's "Synergistic Chemical Engineering Management" program which is, "An overall internal program successfully designed and implemented for the significant elimination of waste, cost reduction, and reduced chemical consumption (primarily focusing on machining fluids, coolants, lubricants, etc.)."

Session 2 - P2 in Schools

Moderator: Becky Lockart - IEPA

Dennis Hockney - Superintendent, Antioch School System, Antioch, IL
Bill Ahlers - Business Manager, Antioch School System, Antioch, IL
Antioch school is in the process of building a new school building. The building is located near the closed Waste Management landfill. The school has elected to spend the extra funds to provide alternative energy to the school by capturing landfill gasses from the nearby landfill. The school is also investigating the restoration of a drained wetland currently located on school owned property. Both programs are used to educate students on environment. Mr. Hockney will discuss the scope and benefits of the alternative energy program. See

Patt Decker - Indian Prairie School District (Naperville/Aurora).
Becky thinks she could also get the teacher to speak. Patt Decker is the energy manager for her district. She's done some day lighting projects, and she has a good energy efficiency program. A lot of her first successes were with behavior modification of staff, faculty and students. She saved about $1.5 million her first year with behavior modification only.

Marc Albertin - Olympia School District (consolidated district of farm communities west of Bloomington)
Marc is the O&M Director for his district. He's doing quite a bit of energy efficiency stuff. Also, they've had some IAQ issues also. His district also uses the classroom to run the school recycling program and toner cartridge recycling. They've incorporated grant writing into an English class.

Session 3 - Healthy Hospitals for the Environment

Moderator - Mary Rossi, Erie County
Mary Rossi - Erie County, NY
Ms. Rossi will discuss Erie County's P2 outreach and assistance program with hospitals within the county.

Mark Stone, DDS - Naval Dental Research Institute
Dr. Stone will discuss the dental mercury capture equipment and alternative materials research the institute engaged in. Additionally he will discuss the implementation of these technologies at various facilities throughout the US, including the U.S. Navy dental clinics.

9:30am-9:45am Break

Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 - P2 in Transportation and the MACT Standard

Moderator: Jack Annis - U of WI Extension Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center

Hank Nauer, IL EPA
Mr. Nauer will review the plastic and metal parts coating MACT rules and how P2 can get you where you want to be faster and cheaper than add on pollution controls.

Tim McDaniel, International Truck and Engine Corporation in Ohio
Mr. McDaniel will describe various P2 practices implemented in their paint shops to reduce solvent use and HAP emissions.

Session 2 - Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Moderator: Jini Cook

Biobased Alternative Industrial Materials
Brent Aufdembrink - Cargill
Mr. Aufdembrink will present information about bio-based oils (oils produced from renewable resources) used for industrial lubricants.


Concurrent Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 - Environmental Management Systems Resources and The Move Away from End of Pipe Limits

Moderator - Emma Lou George - U.S. EPA ORD

Marilou Martin - EPA Region 5
Ms. Martin will present the new Environmental Management System (EMS) direction the Agency is taking. Included will be the new version of Strategic Goals Initiative, Pollution Prevention, Design for Environment, and the latest development in Sustainable Economics, as the new direction away from end of pipe discharge regulations and limits.

Ken Barnes - Illinois Waste Management & Research Center (WMRC)
Mr Barnes will provide a summary of the process of how WMRC assists Illinois businesses with EMS and ISO 14000 implementation. He will provide a description of how WMRC works with other organizations such as NIST MEP's, etc. to facilitate relationships with companies interested in EMS or ISO 14000. He will describe the details of what WMRC does for the companies in terms of EMS/ISO assistance and the extended services that they provide, such as identifying P2 projects in the process of doing an EMS/ISO assessment and then providing assistance with implementation of both.

Session 2 - Energy Efficiency

Moderator: Lori Fryzuk - Environment Canada

Johnathan Jutsen - EnVinta International
Mr. Jutsen will review the unique energy management approach of the One-2-Five Energy software tool, and briefly discuss pilot projects conducted by the Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency, the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program, and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Doug Kosar - Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois Chicago

Session 3 - P2 Framework for Prevention of PBT's - PBT Profiler Software System Overview

Moderator: Phil Kaplan, U.S. EPA Region 5
Lynn Corson, Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute (CMTI)
Dr. Corson will provide an overview of the Persistent Bioaccumlative Toxics (PBT) Profiler software tool developed in cooperation with EPA, The American Chemistry Council, The Chlorine Chemistry Council, The Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association and with the support and contributions of Environmental Defense. The PBT Profiler (available at is a no cost, online PBT screening methodology. The PBT Profiler is a subset of methods included in the P2 Framework, which is an approach to risk screening that incorporates pollution prevention principles in the design and development of chemicals. The objective of the P2 Framework is to inform decision making at early stages of development and promote the selection and application of safer chemicals and processes.

12:15pm-1:30pm Lunch

Plenary Session - Alternative Fuels

Ms. Rodica Baranescu - International Truck and Engine Corp.
Ms. Baranescu has been invited to talk about the research and technology associated with the low emission diesel engines developed by International Truck and Engine Corporation and the use low emission formulated diesel fuel.

2:45pm Adjourn

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